Website Rebrand!

Hello friends, I have decided to rebrand my website from to, as I felt that the new name better embodies what this website is all about (instead of just my personal brand).

Going forward, I will focus even more on producing content related to managing personal finances, investing, and leveraging global opportunities across various geographies to maximize the Millennial nomad lifestyle. Living flexibly and freely, away from the manifold restrictions of corporate and state actors, is important to me, and I feel that “The Sovereign Millennial” embodies that concept perfectly. Also, my favourite book of all time is “The Sovereign Individual” by Davidson and Rees-Mogg (arguably the most important book a person must read in the 21st Century), and that certainly gave me some inspiration for the new name.

Thank you for reading and please share this site with your friends if you think it could be helpful to them! See you on the road.

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