Greetings and welcome to The Sovereign Millennial – the site dedicated to helping Millennials become financially sound, understand the opportunities available globally, and live the nomad life that you want.

“Sovereign” = “belonging to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereign authority; royal.a.k.a. having control

Currently there seems to be two schools of life for regular people:

  1. Go to college, get a job, work 9-to-5 all your life until retirement or financial independence, then relax at old age when you don’t have the energy and youth to do a lot of things (“The System“).
  2. “YOLO” and live it up, backpack across Southeast Asia until your 30’s then suddenly realize that you are poor, so buckle down and start working hard (“The Millennial“).

I didn’t like either of the above.

I think we should be able to both enjoy life and save/invest for our future at the same time.

To do that, you must generate passive income and make your money work for you, while retaining a level of flexibility and freedom to do things you enjoy (travel, etc.).

On this blog, I document my techniques and experiences in achieving that lifestyle.

Moreover, I am a Millennial and I made this site for fellow Millennials like you, to share insights on money and living a global lifestyle.

This is not some generic financial/life advice site written by Boomers – “save every penny, don’t eat out or go on holidays, and buy bonds and the Vanguard index”. Nope.

My Story

I am a Millennial who has chosen to live a global lifestyle rather than being confined to the same place and the same social circle.

I grew up in Canada, went to university where they taught me nothing useful about real life matters such as personal finance.

My travels opened my eyes to the world and how various aspects of life work, and I started learning everything about personal finance, investing, business, geoarbitrage, and social dynamics.

My motto is: live and let live. Every man yearns for freedom and having choices in life. No man wants to live as a slave, whether literally or metaphorically.

We are born into a random place on Earth and our choices are often limited by our upbringing, social class, and geographic location. I didn’t like those limitations and I wanted to choose what my life looks like.

After graduating from university I got my first job in a frozen cold city in Canada, working 8-to-5 in a big corporation with daily commute. My salary was above average for a first real job, however I despised the rigid and institutional work environment but more so, the extreme cold weather and mundane way of life in the place I lived.

So, for the two years while living there, all I could think of was finding a way to move my life elsewhere.

Eventually that day arrived – after working there for exactly 2 years, doing lots of research online and scraping together $20k in savings, I quit my job and flew on a one-way ticket to Asia.

I dove head-first into the unknown and made the move abroad to start a new life as a digital nomad, doing things which are entirely unrelated to my formal education. I lived off my savings for months until I started generating sources of income.

My first morning in Asia (Beijing) in 2016 – WiFi not working, feeling alone and totally uncertain, but ALIVE

It was slightly terrifying at the start, especially my first night in the dusty city of Beijing where I couldn’t get the WiFi to work in my hotel room and basically had no contact with the world for 12 hours straight after landing in a very strange new country.

Since then however, I have been living abroad full-time and living life to the fullest. It hasn’t always been smooth, but it has always been exciting.

I started my first business (Amazon FBA) using my personal savings, and subsequently through my entrepreneurial journey I got exposed to enormous amounts of super interesting ideas, people, and ways of thinking.

I traveled and lived the digital nomad life for a while, but I had mostly set up a temporary home base in Asia.

I can confidently say that quitting my lacklustre corporate job in a cold and depressing city and making the bold move abroad, armed with only optimism and research, was the best decision I’ve made in my life.

It was the decision that had the biggest positive impact on my personal development and overall happiness.

I value freedom and the ability to go wherever I want, and we are so fortunate to be alive in an era where global mobility has never been easier (until COVID-19, that is). This does not only apply to travel, it also applies to opportunities in business and investment.

For example, I literally learned about Bitcoin because I needed to find alternative ways to send money to myself while traveling – banks are draconian and provide terrible service, and my bank didn’t allow me to do international wire transfers while not physically present.

That experience opened my eyes to the FinTech and digital assets movement and all the tools and opportunities with geoarbitrage, especially for people that move around the globe regularly.

On “Digital Nomadism”

While backpacking a couple years ago, I suddenly came to the realization that many of the backpackers around me were cheap, broke, and generally lacking ambition. They were living on the cheap in Southeast Asia to escape their old lives in their home countries, but without making any effort to improve their new lives.

One evening while in Hong Kong in 2017, I realized that I was getting old for smelly and moldy hostel dorms and dirty dive bars, and I didn’t want to be part of the “brokepackers” digital nomad farce anymore.

Traveling and nomading, I realized, are better enjoyed with money, just like most other things in life.

Western “begpackers” in Thailand begging for money from locals so they can travel… absolutely embarrassing

When I first started my journey abroad in 2016, I had no concept of making money or investing in my financial future. All I wanted was to have enough passive income so that I could travel freely like a backpacker.

Like most things in life, the globetrotting life is not worth living if you cannot live it with some comfort, style, and flexibility. And that’s why it’s important to get your finances right while you are chasing fun and new experiences. Our goal here is to do both.

Since coming to the realization, I’ve put my head down to do as much learning and exploring as I could, and I’ve made a conscious effort through saving, generating extra income, and investing, to go from nearly zero net worth to liquid 6-figures in three years. And this was only the beginning.

I don’t have any “get rich overnight” magic pill nor is my story outlandishly impressive, but what I learned and what I am doing works – maybe not spectacular but certainly steady and effective.

More importantly, the knowledge and habits I’ve learned will compound through the rest of my life.

On this site, I’m putting everything I know about personal finance, investing, geoarbitrage, and business hustle to paper, and hopefully some of this information may be of help to you.

Feels good to spend sunny days at a place like this

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