Greetings and welcome to The Sovereign Millennial – the site dedicated to helping Millennials become financially sound, understand the opportunities available globally, and live the location-independent life that you want.

“Sovereign” = “belonging to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereign authority; royal.a.k.a. having control.

I am a Millennial and I made this site for fellow Millennials like you, to share insights on making money, investing, and leveraging geoarbitrage for your benefit while living a global lifestyle.

I, like many of you, also started as a simple corporate slave who dreamt of living the digital nomad life. Then, once I took the plunge and did it, I realized that only a small portion of digital nomads were actually living the dream, whereas the majority of digital nomads I met in Asia were people who were just barely getting by financially. Not only were these “digital brokemads” not living the dream, many of them knew very well in the back of their minds that they inevitably will have to return to their home countries at some point and face the next stage of their lives without any certainties.

So one day, I decided to stop being a “brokemad” myself. I decided to get my shit together, take care of my personal finances, figure out how the world works, and create flexibility and freedom for myself. I want to take all the practical lessons I learned along the way and document them here on this website.

That said, this is not your typical generic financial/life advice site written by boomers or penny pinching hipsters. We don’t do “bonds investing” or “making coffee at home everyday to save $100 per month” or “how to travel the world on $10/day” here.

Our goal is to live life with choice, with comfort, and to sit down at a restaurant and not have to worry about the prices on the menu.

We are now also seeing a new generation of wealth generated by young people in crypto and online businesses – but how to maximize this newfound wealth and how to best position yourself globally for the lifestyle you want? I’ll write about that here too.

Let’s go and enjoy this life.

Feels good to spend sunny days at a place like this