What a Time to be Alive Despite all that’s going wrong in the world today — war in Ukraine, autocratic lockdowns in China, inflation spiralling out of control crushing the middle class, invasive technological surveillance, widespread mind virus (propaganda) — we are still extremely fortunate to be alive in theRead More →

how do taxes work

Whether you are a digital nomad or a young college grad fresh into the “real world”, you will need to understand how taxation works at some point. Every country has its own tax guidelines, and depending on where you reside and how you generate your income, you could potentially optimizeRead More →

Some readers may not be too familiar with the term “geoarbitrage” and what it refers to exactly. In this post we’ll elaborate on what geoarbitrage is in this day and age. “geo” = prefix for “the earth”, commonly relating to location “arbitrage” = (finance) the simultaneous purchase and sale of theRead More →


As the world now registers over 1 million tested and confirmed COVID-19 cases, life continues to stall in unprecedented ways. Lockdowns and stay home orders continue to be administered in the majority of the world’s developed countries, and storefront/transportation businesses such as restaurants, bars, event venues, airlines, etc. continue toRead More →